Support for people with disabilities response disaster based on community

30/11/2015 02:11

"To ensure that persons with disabilities are raised awareness and participation into the model of disaster management based on community and change attitudes and behaviors on the issue..." is one of the goals of the coordination Program between the Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in the implementation activities of the Scheme "Raising community’s awareness and disaster threat management based on community" for persons with disabilities. The signing ceremony was held on November 24th, in Hanoi.

Support for people with disabilities response disaster based on community

Attending the ceremony, there were MOLISA’s Deputy Minister Nguyen Trong Dam, Director General of Social Assistances Nguyen Van Hoi, Deputy Chief of the Ministry Office Luu Hong Son, representatives of International Cooperation Department and the  Department of Legal Affairs. The Delegation of MARD led by Deputy Minister Hoang Van Thang, Leader representatives from the Department of Fisheries and representatives from Malteser International Organizations (Non-governmental organization of Germany) Nguyen Thi Thuy Nga.

At the ceremony, Deputy Minister Nguyen Trong Dam said that people with disabilities was one of the most vulnerable groups when natural disasters occured. However, at present, people with disabilities have not participated actively and effectively in the disaster threat management program. Therefore, it is essential to integrate persons with disabilities in disaster threat management based on community in order to decrease the vulnerability and increase the resilience of the community.

According to the Deputy Minister, the initiative coordination of MARD have expected as the good effects to the ministries, social organizations and localities to give hand to care for the lives of people with disabilities ...

The purpose of the Program Coordination is creation of a mechanism for coordination between the MOLISA and MARD from the central to local levels in guiding the provinces and cities to assist people with disabilities helping them participating effectively the activities of the scheme at the community; ensuring to raise awareness of people with disabilities and make a chance for them to participate into the model of  disaster threat management based on community; helping to change attitudes and behaviors of the community; mobilizing and  using the resources to perform effectively the activities of the scheme.

Accordingly, the collaboration content  including: capacity building for people with disabilities, organizations of persons with disabilities at all levels about prevention and mitigation of natural disasters; Coordinating implementation of professional training and communication activities to raise awareness; Building legal documents or materials adjusted on the issue of disaster threat management based on community intergrated the content of the integration of people with disabilities; Sharing information and results of the activities to raise awareness of the community and disaster threat management based community; Coordinating activities in the mobilization and use of resources effectively.

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