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Child's future depends not only on the amount you earn each month, but in the lessons through life advice wisdom, intelligence, work ethic ...

Stuart Ritter, a father, a senior financial planner T.Rowe Price lists five financial lessons that you can share with your child. 
Never say no 
"No" is not a positive answer to the question: "You can not have it?". If your child wants something, set a target to have it, for example, bought the bike in July. That way, if the child wants to be a puzzle, the time would be a week. And you can point out that, if you buy a puzzle, they will have less money and will have to wait longer to buy a new car. Thus, the children will understand the value of the item. 
Help your child understand the trade-off is very difficult 
There are few child is stubborn and impulsive asking to buy it the puzzle. In a famous study from the 1960s, the 4 year old child standing in front of two choices, either to eat the cake immediately or wait for the research to go back and double ration for them.Most kids can not "postpone joy", and only 30 seconds after the researcher left the room, the cake fit in their mouth. 
It is difficult to teach what the children should be a priority before. If in August we still do not have a bicycle, this fact can help them make better decisions in the future. 
Share your worries about money 
That does not mean you bring the electricity bill, water ... for the kids to see. You can tell them how families have to spend money.For example, you can say why you have to drive instead of fly in the family vacation, it is saving money to buy a bigger apartment ... Why are you still using the old car, which is to save money for college or at my parents retired. 
This share also shows the values ​​of family, promote the establishment of goals and sacrifice - a lesson that most children today can be applied. 
To the practical lessons are lively 
Most people think that a conversation about money should be prolonged for 3 hours, the day before your child is ready for college. In fact, children can learn through any situation that can be taught. We do not need to understand the cost of living more than a 16-year-olds need to understand the technical to the car when traveling. 
You have to ignore the lessons of theory. You just need to explain what you do when you're paying bills, using credit cards or ATM withdrawals at the plant. Talk to them why keep the money in different places (such as stocks and bonds, not deposited in banks abroad) is also a good idea. 
Practice what you preach 
Children often imitate the behavior. If you create a huge debt through credit cards, the children will follow. If you wasteful spending, we will use your coins bluff. If you made a mistake in the past, please share them said: "If parents know the consequences of this, other parents did". 
Discuss the changes you can make, just the way you understand how to bounce back in tough times - a lesson especially significant in this economy. 
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